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Shop Seasons

"Experience nature with good friends - THAT is life."

- Max Lidegaard ; Adm. Director, Product Developer, Coffee Maker & Founder of VikinX.

My background

I am trained in a sports shop in Herning, and after a few years with the combat troops as a sergeant, and a few more years as a buyer, my little adventure began as a supplier of sports and leisure clothing via my own factories in Poland, Ukraine, Uganda and South Africa.

Here I have for 20 years delivered to i.a. Puma, Hummel, H2O, Kappa, Umbro, Diadora and thus the game clothing for i.a. the various Danish national football teams, national handball teams, national ice hockey teams, clubs such as FCM, FCK, Brøndby and national teams / clubs in more than 30 countries.

Focus on passion

Almost 3 years ago I decided that the last approx. 10 years of my active working life should no longer be spent on sportswear - but instead should focus on my other great passion; nature and hunting.

With my International experience in the development, production and sale of clothing, I thought I should be able to do at least as well as the established brands in the industry.

Value for money

The motto was to be value for money and how to hit a collection that 80 of Denmark's hunters and naturalists could enjoy and benefit from without costing a fortune.ormue.

I am still apart from the Covid-19 period physically at the factories every 3 months to follow up on things and make sure that we also constantly try to make ourselves a little greener so it is not only the color that is green but also the product itself and what lies behind. bag.

Today we have more than 100 different styles that cover outdoor, hunting and leisure for predominantly men and we are expanding with more styles for ladies and some for children, so everyone can get out and enjoy nature.

I usually compare VikinX with a VW Passat.
There are better and MUCH more expensive cars, but most ordinary people will be very happy with a Passat and if they even have to pay the price as for a KIA without belittling KIA KIA)
– then they become extra happy with the Passat

A celebration of the Nordic revolutionary Vikings

The Vikings and the Viking Age have always seemed exciting to me with their desire to explore and challenge the world - not warlike - but more commercially.

So our brand simply had to be called VikinX pronounced like the Vikings in English and Xet had to be formed by two swords and at the same time be an X factor.tor.  

Nature is a must

Getting out into nature with or without a rifle with a fishing rod or binoculars, it has been a must since I was with my dad on hunting and fishing from the age of four. As a 7-year-old I shot my first crow and as a 10-year-old my first pheasant cook tail was so long or I so small that it touched the ground when I proudly stood with it andog


I'm still out in the open every weekend all year round, and on the hunt every weekend from September to the end of January, but not so much to bend the trigger, but more and more to drive the dog and experience nature and the game and be together with some good comrades. That's life.

The Viking expedition with a course towards success

With the right partners behind us, we must say today that we are succeeding. The Viking expedition seems to be a success, and despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we already have ”conquered 9 countries outside Denmark's borders and ready for further expeditions when restrictions allow..

We must have hit something right with our motto value for money and how to get the most for your money..

Not everyone needs 20 pockets in a jacket if you only use in the 10 etc.

Very few ordinary natural people need a jacket that keeps water out for days, if you are out in any rain for 1-5 hours every weekend. Only the few who live in Frederiksberg need a car with permanent four-wheel drive and 8 cylinders.e.

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